Rika Nishimura

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Rika Nishimura, (born 1981) is a nude idol of Japan who even to this day ia a legend and has great popularity. He real name is unknown.

She began releasing nude photobooks and videos in 1994, among with the famous photobook series “Friends” by Rikitake Yasushi. In 2004 “Pretty Girl of Legend – Nishimura Rika” was reprinted in May and, in December, The DVD compilation “Rika, 22 years old – A goddess reincarnated” was released.

Her photography is often spread over the Internet under names such as Ding, Eri, Erika, Fizuka, Fumie, Fumiko.

Rika Nishimura`s photobooks:

• Before Waking Up (1994)

• FRIENDS IV (1996)

• FRIENDS V (1996)

• Six Years 11.12 (1998)

• Six Years 13.14 (1998)

• Six Years 15.16 (1998)

• Last Christmas (1999)

• Pretty Girl of Legend – Nishimura Rika (2004)


• Rika, 22 years old – A goddess reincarnated (2004)

After Tatsuhiko Takimoto loaned from Yamazaki hundreds of discs of Lolicon photobooks for their Bishoujo game they were creating, Rika Nishimura was referred to as Satou`s favourite at one point in the novel “Welcome to the NHK” by Tatsuhiko Takimoto.

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